About me

JackyWelcome to Action2, the website of Jacky Jongenelen. Action2 stands for me and my partner Tom.  We are a Dutch couple and between us there  is  a lot of action. Together we travel around the world with our waterskiing and diving equipment and of course… with a lot of photography stuff. Tom does the waterskiing and I shoot the pictures.

This site gives an impression of the pictures I make on the water and under water. Mostly I make pictures at Waterski competitions, but I am always interested in making pictures at other water sports events, like swimming or rowing competitions.

Swim in Leiden 2014

Do you want pictures of your water sport event from a different perspective? I will jump in the water with my camera and make spectacular pictures of the event.

If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact me.
See you on the water!

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